Gas industriale

Serving the industrial gas market in more than 70 countries

Our cylinders are used to store and transport industrial gases used for energy, manufacturing and more. From acetylene cylinders used by welders manufacturing a car frame, to refrigerant cylinders that cool your vehicle or preserve the food you eat, to the camping fuel cylinders that provide heat and fuel in the great outdoors, our cylinders are highly tested and always reliable.

Our customers, industrial gas distributors and marketers, choose to work with us for our broad range of industrial gas storage and transport technology, and our global manufacturing, technical and sales support teams. They rely on our uniquely skilled in-house team, with decades of experience in cylinder design, quality and manufacturing, to support their development, regulatory compliance, metallurgy testing, sourcing and transport needs.

Learn more about the following:

  • Bombole di acetilene
  • Stoccaggio
  • Gas combustibile e per ossitaglio
  • Rimorchi per il trasporto criogenico
  • Acciaio
  • Serbatoi speciali
  • Blanking preliminare
  • Bombole per torce manuali
  • Serbatoi per riscaldamento e per impianti
  • Composito per alta pressione
  • Acciaio per alta pressione
  • Container ISO
  • Soluzioni personalizzate per GNL
  • Rigassificazione in skid
  • Rimorchi per il trasporto
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