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Preserve and protect your product’s integrity.

Hot-dipped galvanizing is used to help steel resist rust, preserve its appearance, or last longer in outdoor situations and other harsh environments. Applying a thin layer of zinc directly onto steel gives the metal enhanced corrosion protection. This helps protect the quality and performance of the steel, lengthening the life of parts and products.


Useful for a wide range of applications.

Galvanizing helps prevents rust and corrosion—especially when steel is exposed to moisture or corrosive materials, with common applications such as:

  • Automotive & heavy trucks
  • Condutture
  • Decking
  • Electrical enclosure
  • Framing connectors
  • Silos granari
  • Guardrails
  • In-ground pools
  • Metal framing/studs
  • Purlins, girts & struts

A wide range of choices.

It's not just about how we coat. It's what we can coat, for a wide range of needs:

  • Galvanized cold rolled and hot rolled steel (unlike other galv coating lines)
  • Differential coatings to minimize costs, such as G30 on one side, G90 on the other
  • Galvanneal coatings for post-painted applications
  • Add on one-stop, full-service capabilities, including cut-to-length and slitting

We galvanize steel for all of these specs.

Techincal DataUSSistema metrico decimale
Inline Temper Passup to 1,0% elongationNA
Material Thickness0,018” - 0,250”0.46mm – 6.35mm
Coating WeightG01 – G400NA
Material Width28” – 62,” slit to your precise width711.2mm-1574.8mm
Acrylic Coating

Keep your steel brighter.

We offer acrylic coating, which further enhances corrosion protection and helps keep zinc looking brighter longer. It's applied inline over the galvanizing (at coating weights G30-G210). This acrylic coating also improves lubricity for roll forming or forming. Our primary acrylic is non-tinted.


Ready for whatever's next.

Galvanizing is one important step in the process of making your steel. We’re a one-stop shop, with the expertise, experience, and capacity to add pickling, slitting and oscillate slitting, temper rolling, and more. Whatever it takes to make your steel perform, we can deliver it.

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Galvanized steel made to protect your specs.

We do galvanized steel with the broadest range of gauges in North America—and fill additional needs with pickling and slitting.

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