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Tough. Durable. It’s not just steel for agriculture. It’s us—putting more than 60 years of experience to work on your current and future needs.

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Building a better future with irrigation.

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Center pivot irrigation is a thriving market, providing precise water delivery and increased yields.

We helped a leading, worldwide manufacturer control costs through our more efficient supply chain.

As natural resources decline, they’re growing, promoting more yields and less water usage…

With a solution that keeps the supply chain flowing. And helps protect our planet’s future.

Steel for Agriculture

We work harder. To make steel work better for you.

Our steel for agriculture performs better—tailored to your specifications, with multiple processes under one roof to save you time and money.

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This past year, Worthington Industries’ steel processing received a 100% overall customer support rating from our top customers.

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The right steel and bright solutions from our experienced experts will improve your process.

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Pricing Volatility

As the price of steel goes up and down, your costs, prices, and performance are at risk.

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What Sets Us Apart

Customers love us for smarter supply chain solutions and our dedicated customer service teams.

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